How Do I Add My Watermark To A Photo?

I have created tons and tons of watermark image for stamping community out there , and every now and then i have to reply to this simple question How Do i Add my Watermark to a photo?, so i just wanted to write a quick post for the newbies out there trying to get a solution for this.

Here are the steps you will follow

1- Open up the picture you want to apply personalized watermark to

2- open up the Watermark that you want to apply to the picture!

3- Edit the picture in step 1 to your requirements ie crop , adjust color or whatever

4- Using the move tool select the watermark image and drag and drop it over the photo

5- adjust its placement and save the file !

Oh and one more thing , Now Cliparts and graphics (TONS ) of them at the store are open to be part of the watermarks! all you have to do is just let me know which picture you want to add .

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